Eggs were just the beginning. As prices already skyrocket due to inflation, some household staples in New York are in danger of going "out of stock" in 2023. From your favorite beverage, to cooking supplies, to produce. you may want to keep an eye on shelves for these products.

13 Food Shortages Expected In New York Grocery Stores In 2023

Thanks to war, weather, supply chain problems, or politics, these 13 common food items are forecasted to disappear from shelves this year as costs rise dramtically.

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

These Are The 11 Most Valuable Crops Grown in New York State

The US is expected to export more that $191 billion in agricultural goods in 2022. Data aggregate Stacker combed through US Department of Agriculture studies and overviews to find the most valuable crops grown in each state.

While New York's largest piece of the agricultural pie is dairy (a nearly $3 billion industry), the state has its fair share of successful crops. We even place in the top five producers of several crops on this list.

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

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