The pandemic pool boom is a very real thing.

One local pool company has seen so much business they've had to add employees and expand their manufacturing shifts to keep up with demand when the coronavirus pandemic started shutting down businesses in late March and April. Plus, the kids doing remote learning.

It was pretty obvious that those family vacations to the beach, or cruises or even just camping were going to be replaced with staycations around the house. What's a better staycation than basking in the sunshine in your own pool? Well, according to the number of pool sales that have happened in the last six months, nothing was better.

My wife and I talked about putting a pool in our backyard for the summer....just an above-ground, I don't have in-ground pool kinda literally couldn't find one. They were totally sold out everywhere.

Bad news for those of us who wanted a backyard oasis, but really good news for Latham Pools. They are planning on hiring 150 new employees here in the Capital Region just to keep up with orders, that according to the Times Union are back up next year.

Latham Pools manufactures fiberglass and vinyl pools in the Scotia and Latham manufacturing plant as well as several other plants around the United States and Canada. They sell their pools to dealers and installers and the demand doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

Most of the production jobs pay between $15.72 - $25 an hour with other positions paying up to $30. Positions and applications here.

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