I love old postcards. Whenever I travel somewhere, I love to find an out of the way antique store or little vintage shop and dig through their box of weathered postcards. I’ve found some amazing ones that I’ve brought home as a keepsake from my trip – some more than 100 years old.

Sending a postcard on a trip feels a little goofy today. Why would I pay for a picture and then a stamp and then find a post box when I can just text someone a picture of where I am and tell them about the great dinner I had instantly? But looking through old postcards? It feels like a vacation through time.

We dug up 26 historic postcards that show the Capital Region as it was through the years. These stretch from the late 70s all the way back to 1906. From the Airport, to the Capital, to even some motels, it’s fun to see what people wanted to share about their trips to the area’s attractions and what they had to say on the backs.

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Some of my favorite comments:

  • “There is a lot of snow here.”
  • “Nice old town.”
  • “[Albany] is a fine city.”

Take a look and enjoy your trip!

A Look Back At The Capital Region Through 26 Historic Postcards

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