Much of our Spring outdoor plans have been put on hold because of all the crappy weather we've had for months now.

But things are about to change according to a weather model that shows that by the middle of next week, we may not only see one 80 degree but several - in an actual row!

There may be only 4 recognized seasons on the calendar, but it's been said that are there at least 12 actual seasons in Upstate, NY.  And anyone from around here knows it takes real skill and hometown knowledge to be able to navigate your way through all of them.

The 12 actual seasons of Upstate NY are Winter, Fake Spring, Second Winter, Pothole Season, Third Winter, Flood Season, Mud Season, Summer, Pretend Fall, Second Summer, Fall, and Winter.

As we sit right now in early May, I guess you can say we're mired in Mud Season but with all the rain, cold, and dank weather we've had for a while, we deserve a dang break - and it looks like we may be getting it.

*If this weather doesn't hold up, please don't shoot the messenger - I got freaking excited when I saw this knowing full well it could change in 20 minutes!

According to an early forecast, weather experts from the Weather Channel are calling for Albany (and much of Upstate NY) temps next week to reach 80 degrees by Wednesday, and things should stay that way into the weekend.

Tuesday appears to get close, but Wednesday's high could touch 82, 84 on Thursday, near 80 on Friday, and 81 on Saturday.

Not bad for Mud Season!

Brian Cody
Early weather reports show a significant improvement into next week with several days topping 80 degrees

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