December is here, as is the winter weather.  I always notice, for the first couple of storms each year, some people tend to forget the basics about winter driving.  And I mean basics.

I'm not a car pro in any way, so that's my disclaimer.  But there are a few things I like to go over in my head before the first storm of the year hits.  That's already happened, but I figured I'd share my basics with you.  If you are a pro, then have a laugh. If you're not, maybe they'll help!  Here goes-

  1. Remember to lift your wipers up- or at least wipe them off and make sure they're not frozen to your windshield before you turn them on.  Living in an apartment complex, I can't tell you how many people I see in the beginning of each year ruin their wipers by getting in the car and trying to pop them on while they're actually frozen underneath the snow
  2. 1st and 2nd gear- these babies are my best friends in the winter. I love the sport drive in my car, and using these gears get me way farther then trying to just drive and brake.  BUT, I always do a little test drive around my parking lot to refresh my mind on what the different gears feel like before hitting the road after the first snow, since I haven't used them all summer.
  3. Take it slow around the turns- Again, it's been all summer and fall.  We forget what it feels like to go around a turn in the snow.  I see SO many slips and accidents this way.  Take it easy around the turns.
  4. Avoid rushing through a yellow light-  Snow doesn't make it any fast to stop your car.  If you're a ways away from a stop light, and you see it's yellow.  Let yourself slow down and give yourself the time to stop.  Rushing through is never a good idea- because who knows, the person going the other direction may have the same idea when their light turns green
  5. That scraper-brush thing-  I have no clue what the formal name for it is, but the snow scraper brush.  Always have one in your car.  This is NY and without one, you'll have to wait exponentially longer for your car to heat up and your windows to clear off (unless you've got an old CD case, they make good scrapers too).  While you're at it- remember to brush off the top of your car! That snow blows off and hits other cars while your driving and is really unsafe.

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