The Insane Inflatable 5k race is coming back to Albany Saturday, September 7. And whether you decide to prep for your race with a high-intensity workout program or a steady diet of Cheetos and warm milk, we want to make sure your race day is the best that it can be, so here are our 5 recommendations for your Insane Inflatable 5k day:

1. Have Fun!

While your competitive juices may be flowing, make sure you're having fun no matter if you finish first or 30 minutes after whoever finishes second to last. None of the races are timed, which places more emphasis on enjoying the course rather than pushing over people half your size to claw your way to victory. Be smart, courteous, and try your best; but don't put all your stock into a time that won't be calculated anyways. And remember whether you come in first or last, your pets still love you.

2. Hydrate!

Although it might sounds obvious, hydration is key. As bouncy and soft as the course might seem, you definitely don't want to pass out. Make sure you've had enough water prior to the race and if you need a drink along the way, the course is equipped with two water stops on the course.

3. Bring your Friends and Family!

The more the merrier! Create a team with your friends, or bring the kids to race in the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run. And if you're making a team, there're some cool incentives too! If you recruit 10 or more people you'll receive a free Team Captain Insane Inflatable 5K shirt. And the more people you invite, the more awesome prizes you can win.

4. Stop by the Midway

The fun doesn't stop when the race is over. Head over to the Midway for tons of cool activities. Listen to some of your favorite music from your local radio stations, get some grub at the food and beverage vendors, check out the inflatable Krazy Town, and visit the merch store and sponsor booths to pick up some keepsakes from your awesome day!

5. Volunteer

If you don't necessarily want to run the race but you want to help make the Inflatable 5K races a great experience for everyone in attendance, think about volunteering. Click here for more information on volunteer requirements and application information.


For more information on the event in general, go to where you can see a full map of the course and more details on how you can sign up to race!

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