You think your kid is embarrassing? Have you ever been pulled into a Parent-Teacher Conference because your kid told their teacher to "Go to Hell?" If not, this parent has you beat!

Mom Jaquya Bradford posted a picture on her Facebook of a note her 6-year-old son wrote to his teacher, according to Yahoo. The backstory is that her son was caught talking to a friend of his when he wasn't supposed to be. In response, she took some of his fake money they earn for good behavior in class. Well Isaiah, the 6-year-old kid, didn't like what happened and felt like he needed to write a note to the teacher about how he felt.

The letter said (with his spelling and grammar mistakes included): "Dear Ms. Jones I am angry of you Because you too 25 of my humm-ing bird Bucks all because I was talking to Conner." My favorite line though was, "That's no big deal im only 6 I cant be qyet all the time." He went on to say that his teacher is a thief and crook and that she's going to hell, "Real hell the burning 1." He even added he wanted to make sure of it because his only prayer at church that day was that God was to send her to hell "fast superfast."

It, of course, ended up in what probably was a very colorful parent-teacher conference. No word on what punishment the kid got when he went home after that, though.

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