Nine Upstate New York towns landed on a list of best places in the Northeast to live after Coronavirus.

Life in 2020 is of course different than usual.  So, with that comes changes in what would make a location idea. wrote about a list released by Business Insider about the best locations in the Northeast to live in post-COVID times.  They looked at factors like pre-COVID employment rates, ability to work from home, cost of living, housing affordability, and more.  And it looks like Upstate New York is the place to be.  There were even a few locations from the Capital Region.

Landing on their list from Upstate New York (place and number):

  • Glens Falls: #19
  • Elmira: #18
  • Albany: #10
  • Utica: #9
  • Buffalo: #7
  • Binghamton: #5
  • Syracuse: #3
  • Ithaca: #2
  • Rochester: #1

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