Even after all the closings of popular stores, delis, restaurants, and more across the Capital Region in 2022, it seems like even more are making the decision to turn off the lights for good before the year ends. Via Fresca, The View at Dunham’s Bay, Longfellow’s, Ted’s Fish Fry in Lansingburgh, 333 Café, The Auction Barn, Spill’n the Beans, and The Daily Grind are only a few of the area favorites to announce closings in the last six weeks.

Inflation, rising rent, supply chain issues, and labor shortages are all making running a business more difficult than ever before and many favorites that have been around for decades are choosing to retire or pursue something new. Now another Troy business is closing shop after more than a half century of operation.

What Troy Business Is Closing After 55 Years?

Clement Frame and Art Gallery

Clement Frame and Art Gallery, on the corner of Broadway on Monument Square, will be closing its doors for good. Tom and Ray Clement announced their retirements after owning the business together since 1967. That first location was in the basement of 39 2nd Street until 1998.

The Clements have announced a final art show that will feature pieces by some of the first artists they ever featured back in the 60s. According to the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District, that exhibition will begin on the next Troy Night Out, November 25, and run through January 2.

Clement has one year to vacate the location, so the frame store will be able to operate into 2023. No official close date has been set. Starting in January the store will begin a massive sale on everything inside, including antique prints, remaining art, and fixtures.

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