A scary scene unfolded at Crossgates Mall in Albany, New York.

Toward the tail end of the work day on Monday, the mall entered into a lockdown after mall-goers reported hearing a "loud bang" near the store Garage, according to a report from ABC News 10 in Albany. Police were called to the scene, and an investigation was launched in order to find the source of the disturbance.

We finally have some clarity on what happened inside the walls at Crossgates Mall.

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Reports Say "Loud Bang" at Crossgates Mall Was From a Firecracker

Investigations into the incident at Crossgates Mall in Albany concluded that a firecracker was the source of the "loud bang" that frightened mall shoppers, and forced the mall into a lockdown. The lockdown was brief, according to reports, and it was soon after that the investigating officers made their conclusion.

That said, anyone with information is asked to call police at (518) 356-1501.

In the mean time, this story brings only one question to mind: what could this person possibly be thinking?

It's the middle of the day, and a person is in an inside environment. America is at its most sensitive to loud noises in confined spaces, and something in someone's brain says "let's light off a firecracker! How funny will that be!"

I simply do not understand it.

Luckily, none of the local news reports have mentioned anything about anyone getting hurt from the incident, and it appears as though we will be able to leave it in the past. That said, when you go to Crossgates Mall or hear someone mention it, most people who saw this story will at least have this in the back of their minds, and that's really sad.

Be safe out there.

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