Love him or hate him, Eli Manning is a legend with the New York Giants.

Playing under the shadow of greatness is no easy feat, and current Giants' quarterback, Daniel Jones, has been compared to Eli Manning game-in-and-game-out for two seasons now. The flashes of brilliance, the penchant for throwing interceptions, even the facial mannerisms; it was clear from Game One that the Giants may have had another Manning on their hands. Considering that Eli brought New York to two Super Bowls, and won them both, very few fans would complain if that's how Daniel Jones faired with the G-Men.

So, how does Eli Manning perceive Daniel Jones through his own eyes? He answered that question this morning on Get Up with Mike Greenberg.

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Here's the full video of Manning's appearance on Get Up:

The part that's worth keying in on, and the part that was highlighted by ESPN New York, was the answer in which Manning states that he expects great things from Daniel Jones. That's an encouraging sign for any Giants fan, given how much Eli went through as QB1 on the team.

He makes a valid point though, in saying that Jones has been a centerpiece of the offense for multiple seasons now. There were countless points over the past two seasons where the growing pains were, in essence, painfully obvious. The "rookie" mistakes really piled up, and bled over into his performance in Year Two. Year Three, however, might line up a bit better for the young gunslinger.

Take into account the weapons that now surround Jones: Kenny Golladay, Kadarious Toney and John Ross at the wide receiver position, Kyle Rudolph at tight end, Saquon Barkley back in the backfield, and even an improved Nate Solder on the offensive line. Jason Garrett now has a season under his belt as the offensive coordinator, and Joe Judge isn't a rookie, either.

Granted, all of these parts are rendered obsolete by a poor season from Jones, but, if Eli Manning sees the potential for greatness, then it's worth giving Danny Dimes the benefit of the doubt.

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