You probably won't see Norm and Cliff or hear them pontificating at the end of the bar. (I actually learned what pontificating means from watching an episode of Cheers) anyway I digress.

Kelsey Grammer was on hand for the opening of his taproom in the Catskills. He was there for the opening of the  Faith American Brewing Co. taproom at 334 Ruff Road in the village of Margaretville in Delaware County.

According to the article in the taproom isn't set up as a brewery yet, but he has plans to make it a brewery in the future. Currently Faith American Ale is brewed at Frog Ally Brewing in Troy and is available throughout the Upstate.

This is Kelsey Grammer's vision for the farm he bought 26 years ago.

“Twenty-five years ago I found this land and fell in love with it and ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out a way to return it to a kind glory,” he said on one of the videos. “This was once a vital area, it was once sawmill -- there was a sawmill on the creek. I just took it on myself to believe that it was my obligation to find a way to make it prosperous again. ... Several years ago I bought the barn at the top of the hill and that seemed to be the perfect place for a brewery.”


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