I had never tried Garbage Bread until I stopped by AJ's Pizzeria on my way home from the station. One bite and I was hooked. My family orders pizza almost every Friday night and about 90% of the time it comes from AJ's Pizzeria in West Sand Lake. So, when I read that they were closing down I was really sad. Sure there are other pizza places to get a pie, but AJ's pizza and garbage bread were pretty awesome.

After the current owners, Kyle, Kiersten, and Edgar Scott made the announcement on October 7th that they, unfortunately, had decided to close the little pizza shop. As they put it in their Facebook post, they had big dreams for this little pizza shop. Since we moved to the area I saw them renovate the dining room, put in a bar with craft beers, and make some really delicious food that you don't normally get from a pizza place.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit they offered "take out" dinner for the entire family and I grabbed more than a few on my way home.

So,  I thought that was it, AJ's would close October 18th and that awesome Garbage Bread with pepperoni and bacon would just be a distant memory.

After learning about the planned closing, the community searched far and wide to find a new owner that would continue the AJ's Pizzeria 30 year tradition. The new owner, Rob McDermott, and his family will pick up where the former owners left off. The same recipes, the same pizza, and of course the same Garbage Bread.



Business update:

As we mentioned in our post announcing our closing last week, we were hopeful to find new owners for...

Posted by AJ's Pizzeria on Thursday, October 15, 2020

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