We thought the excitement was going to end with the Greatest of All Time Tournament, who knew that a local woman would keep us watching Jeopardy by being a contestant so soon after!

Cheyenne Simmons of Albany, NY is a local baker (Great Exbaketations) and entrepreneur and she will be going against two opponents on Jeopardy tonight. The returning champion is Heather Nelson, a middle school math teacher, who has a 1-day total of $7,799 from Lake Oswego, Oregon. The other player is Sarah Frontiera, a graduate student, from Santa Monica, California. You can see the contestant listing on the Jeopardy website.

Jeopardy seems to be loving the Capital Region lately with a recent question about a famous Schenectady zip code, and now a local contestant. If being a contestant on Jeopardy is your dream, they're starting their contestant search for future episodes tomorrow. This is your moment and you, too, could be like Cheyenne counting up those Daily Doubles!

We wish the best for Cheyenne and hope we see her take home the Jeopardy win tonight!

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