With video game based shows like The Last of Us enjoying huge popularity, one of the most anticipated shows still in-production is Amazon’s Fallout TV series. With huge Hollywood names attached, its streaming’s next blockbuster show, steeped in secrecy. But New York fans may be seeing some familiar locations after set pictures leaked from a Hudson Valley town.

The Fallout video game series takes place in an alternate retro-futuristic America where the US went to nuclear war with China. Games have previously been set in California, West Virginia, Boston, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas. Despite its heavy subject matter, the games are praised for their writing and tongue-in-cheek dark humor.

Amazon Studios acquired some heavy hitters for Fallout, with a main cast of Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan. The show will be directed by Jonathan Nolan, who previously created CBS’s Person of Interest and HBO’s Westworld.

Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan - starts of Amazon's Fallout TV series.
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Not much is known about the TV series, including a release date. Some say it could debut later this year. Filming was rumored to have ended last year, but that’s not the case – Amazon has been spotted in New York State building one of Fallout’s most iconic in-game buildings.

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An old gas station in Nyack has been turned into one of Fallout’s Red Rocket Service Stations. They’re not true gas stations - they provided nuclear fuel for cars pre-nuclear apocalypse. Abandoned Red Rocket stations are scattered throughout every Fallout game.

Closeups from Nyack resident J Carson on Twitter showcase another iconic Fallout brand – Nuka-Cola, a radioactive Coca-Cola clone. Photos also show a power armor station like the ones used in the games. The red neon signage on top has yet to be unwrapped, and may be only added digitally in post-production along with the rocket tower marquee.

We likely won’t know if the TV show is officially set in New York State until a first trailer is launched, but either way it’s exciting to have a connection to what could one of the biggest shows of the year.

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