A group of area women who met one another in a female empowerment group found so much kindness, support, and strength in each other, that they decided to join forces and  "pay it forward," leaving massive tips at local restaurants.  They call themselves "The Sweet Savages" and judging by what they've been doing around town, there's nothing savage about them.

I learned about "The Sweet Savages" from a story by News 10 ABC.  In fact, we highlighted them in our Good News feature on Friday morning.  Their story is a cool one.

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They met at a women's empowerment photoshoot and have been bonded ever since.  Considering how much they've done to help one another, they formed The Sweet Savages as a way to give back to the community.

One of the Savages, Kirstyn Pratt told the news station that each woman has had their own struggle in dealing with either "domestic abuse, sexual violence, self-harm, (or)  any mental health issues."

It may have been a photo shoot that brought "The Sweet Savages" together, but to anyone who hears their story, it feels a lot more like fate. 

Each month, they get together for lunch and leave as big a tip for the server and the restaurant as they can.  According to the source, they solicit for donations on their Facebook page and then bring the cash with them to spread some joy at an area restaurant once a month. 

According to News 10, in March, they hit up the Grateful Den in Glens Falls and left a $440 tip.  The owners thought it was a mistake, and even attempted to track the ladies down.

Upon learning that the massive tip was out of the kindness of their hearts, restaurant owner David Spory told News 10 ABC that, "it practically brought a tear down my cheek."

Where will the Savages appear next?  Nobody knows.

But wherever they go, they're sure to be bring good vibes, a great story and lots of tip money with them.

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