Baby formula has become as good as gold to desperate parents in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Parents struggled during the pandemic and it looks like they will continue to have troubles but mow with supply chain issues. When my daughter was first born my parents would constantly ask if there were anything that I needed. In just a few short months I went from requesting things like diapers and clothes to formula.

If you're a parent who's child doesn't have any allergies then you may be able to switch formula brands in a pinch. Parents who have kids that need special formula are racing to the store to see who can get infant formula before the shelves are desolate. It doesn't take long for the baby formula aisle to be bare.

In February this started to become an issue as a large baby food company recalled their hypo allergenic formula. Since then these kinds of formulas have been scarce and difficult to find leaving parents to buy them online in bulk. This seems like a good option but can cost hundreds of dollars.

Have you noticed how little the options are in the baby formula aisle at local groceries stores?

There are a lot of supply issues right now. Parents can handle not getting the best beef or chicken breast for a week. Infant formula is not as easily replaced.

Have you struggled to get formula in the Hudson Valley?


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