Troy police have confirmed that a black bear has been seen in Troy.

The juvenile black bear was spotted in the area of 125th Street in Troy. Animal control and Troy Police have been called to the area and are investigating the sighting.

This time of year bears are getting ready for hibernation and seek food sources they might not normally look for to fatten up for the winter. So backyard bird feeders and trash cans become a buffet to a hungry bear.

About a week ago there was another bear sighting in Colonie. It could be the same bear, they are known to travel several miles a day looking for food.

People posting on Reddit about the bear sighting have recommended that if you see the bear call the Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Office, wildlife dept. 518 357 2355. They are better equipped and trained to handle a rogue bear than the police department or animal control.

We had a bear sighting in our yard in Averill Park a few months ago. Here's the video....please excuse the NSFW language in the video.

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