There are a "lotto" reasons to like the New York Yankees in tonight's American League Wild Card Game. The number pulled in the Massachusetts State Lottery last night, however, is by far the most bizarre.

In a turn of events that can be truly described as stranger than fiction, Monday Night's Massachusetts State Lottery Numbers Game drawing spit out four numbers that shook Boston Red Sox fans to their core. The ping-pong balls revealed...


...and displayed on the screen for all to see. Baseball fans in both New York and Boston were vaulted back to 1978, October 3rd to be exact, and the American League East tiebreaker game. New York and Boston met at Fenway park on that fateful day, and Bucky Dent became a hero for one group, and a villain for the other.

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First of all, for those who don't believe me, here's the Mass State Lottery video...

They might as well have edited in horror music in the background.

Now, for those who are in my age bracket, here is the Bucky Dent home run, one of the most famous (or infamous) moments of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

How WEIRD is this? One day before the team's play a one game, winner-take-all game at Fenway Park for the first time since, you guessed it, 1978, the Massachusetts State Lottery spits out those EXACT four numbers in order.

With that knowledge in mind, we should acknowledge the fact that tonight's game is going to be epic. The Yankees salvaged the final game of a three-game set with the Tampa Bay Rays to secure their spot in the Wild Card Game, while the Red Sox followed up a series loss against the Baltimore Orioles by sweeping the Washington Nationals to win the games No. 1 seed.

The game pits Gerrit Cole and Nathan Eovaldi against one another in a battle of two hard-throwing right-handers. Both Cole and Eovaldi have thrown against the opposition at least 10 times in their career, and have faced the opposing team within the last two weeks.

Strap in folks, and grab a lotto scratcher on your way home.

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