Some people have some special things at their weddings. Like a dog ring bearer or maybe a fancy dance routine. I went to a wedding where they announced the entire wedding party like it was the WWE complete with stone lights and fog. However I've never seen anything like this....and it wasn't the dude's was the bride's idea.

Elizabeth and Devon Van Horn got married over the weekend in Western New York, and the Bills Mafia bride brought her fandom to the reception. The DJ at the reception was playing the traditional Bills fans song "Shout" while the bride and groom enter the reception.

With the crowd cheering Elizabeth, still in her beautiful wedding gown lept through the air and on top of the folding table set up on the dance floor. Oh, and it wasn't a dainty little jump either...she hit that table like she freakin' meant it.

The video clip is taking off and was even featured on ESPN to promote the upcoming NFL season.


We wish the happy couple well and hope they asked for some really sturdy furniture on their wedding register.

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