Could you lay down a bunt against a Major League Baseball pitcher? Admit it, you have said that you could before. But Tim Kurkjian is here to tell you that against a competitive MLB pitcher, you will not get the job done. To hear the full segment with Tim, Eric and me, listen above. Also comment on Facebook your opinion of whether or not you could pull it off because bunting is important in baseball and almost a lost art at this point. One of the ways to get rid of the defensive shift-era we are currently in is to lay down a bunt  so I hope kids start to work on that more nowadays. Until then, I stand by the fact that I think I could get down a bunt if the pitcher threw a fastball down the middle. With other parameters, the jury is still out.

As for the story of the week, I can’t wait to watch Tampa Bay blowout New England on Sunday in Foxborough, in one of the most anticipated games in the history of the NFL’s regular season. Quarterback Tom Brady will make his triumphant return and he will leave no-doubt who has the better team. Brady will easily break the NFL’s All-Time passing record, and the fans of the New England Patriots will give him a standing ovation. Who can forget Brady won 6 Super Bowl for the Patriots. Brady has already proven he can win a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick as his Head Coach, but Sunday will further prove why getting out of New England was the right move.

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