Earlier this week Governor Cuomo announced that New York was going to follow the CDCs recommendations that vaccinated adults can go without a mask indoors and outdoors. However, hang on for a minute, this doesn't necessarily mean you can just throw your mask away for good.

Even though New York is following the CDC recommendations you still have to wear masks, even if you're fully vaccinated on public transportation, in nursing homes, in hospitals and healthcare facilities, in correctional institutions, in homeless shelters, and in schools.

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In addition, businesses can individually choose if they require masks to enter. Currently, Crossgates has dropped their mask requirement in the mall, but individual stores can still require you to wear a mask. So you still need to keep a mask with you because you might be able to walk around the mall without a mask, but Best Buy might still require you to wear one.

But wait, if New York doesn't require you to wear a mask is it legal for individual stores to require masks? The short answer is, yes. As long as the business uses a uniform approach to mask or vaccination requirements it's totally legal. They are also allowed to ask to see your proof of vaccination, but you don't have to show it to them and then they don't have to let you in their business.

So, you either need to carry your vaccination card, get the Excelsior Pass for your phone or there's even a bracelet you can wear that can be scanned to prove your vaccination. If non of these options appeal to you...you might no be able to enter some businesses without a mask.

Remember in the early days of the pandemic we had a bunch of videos on social media of people forcing their way into stores and arguing with employees because they didn't want to wear a mask? Well, I predict we're going to see a whole bunch of that again. Just like this dude that just loses it over having to wear a mask.

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