The Capital Region, and Albany metropolitan area, is no stranger to change. People come in, and people come out. The make-up of the area changes on a daily basis, and that's the nature of being a major city.

When it comes to moving out of Albany, however, here is where people are going most.

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The website Stacker researches statistics on a number of subjects across everyday life, and creates rankings based on how the statistics compare to one another. Stacker compiled statistics of people moving out of the Albany metro area, and ranked the top locations that Albany residents are moving to when they leave the Capital Region.

The locations where people are moving to most are very unique, and cover a wide geographical area. Some choose to remain in the Empire State, and go up north around Glens Falls or west around Rochester. Others pack up the car, or board a plane, and travel south to Virginia, Washington D.C. or the Carolinas.

The reasons behind re-location vary, as well. Sometimes, decisions like this are made because of a job, as a better opportunity has presented itself in a different area of the country. Oftentimes, people will choose to re-locate when it's time to raise a family. Certain areas bring the right balance of school, safety and social life, and are too good to pass up when the opportunity presents itself.

Either way, from 2015 through 2019, people were moving from the Capital Region, to new locations around the country. Here are the ten metropolitan areas where Albany area residents moved to more than most.

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