I mean, how bad do you really want $2,000? Because it's a really, hmm fast way to get 2,000 bucks, but it might just be a little inconvenient for you.

There is a company that has a new treatment for combating cockroaches and they are looking for people to release 100 cockroaches in your home to see if the treatment works.

So, how it will work is, that you have to apply first. The company is going to be picking about 7 homes to do this in. In order to even be qualified, you have to be 21 years old and own your home or at least, have permission for the homeowner.

If after a few weeks, the new treatment does not COMPLETELY work, then they will use other methods to completely remove the cockroaches. So, the good news is that they do guarantee that all of the cockroaches will be gone, but could you deal with it?

Think about it, 2000 bucks just to live with a few bugs in your house. There are probably already a bunch of bugs in your walls and attic ALREADY. I know, I know you don't see them or purposely place insects in your house, but in just a few short days it will be all over and you'll be loving your paycheck for sucking it up. Are there any benefits for cockroaches? Cockroaches eat with other animals leave laying around, breaking down plants and other organisms.

Now, when I asked someone local about this who owns a pest control company, they said that it was a genius promotion and they too, will be doing the promotion as well so, be on the lookout Buffalo!

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