The Buffalo Bills are riding high after three straight wins and all in convincing fashion. They beat the Houston Texans on Sunday at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, 40-0, and the defense tacked up its second shutout in three weeks.

One of the Bills key players on offense is wide receiver Cole Beasley, who has 25 catches through the first four weeks of the season.

Beasley was introduced to the crowd during player introductions on Sunday and it sounded like many Bills fans were saying "Beeeeeas", in reference to Beasley's name, but the receiver is claiming they were boo's, based on his tweet Monday morning.

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Beasley says some of the same people who booed him on Sunday also want to take pictures and get his autograph; questioning where did the best fans in the world went?

Beasley has made the news since May with critical tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine and NFL/NFLPA's handling of COVID-19 protocols.

Many Bills fans responded to Beasley on Twitter, claiming the "boos" are in actuality, "bease."

I have not been in the crowd during the home games, but inside, so it's hard to decipher exactly what it is, but I do have friends who also say that fans are screaming "bease" and not "boo."

Beasley's tweet is gaining traction on social media today with Bills fans in Western New York and we'll see if anything comes of this. Are fans saying "bease" or "boo"?

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