The Colonie Police Department issued a press release on Wednesday afternoon asking for the public's help locating a man who assaulted a police officer on a CDTA bus near Colonie Center back in February.  Colonie police are currently on the hunt for 43-year-old Jerson Vargas after they were issued a warrant for his arrest, but he's nowhere to be found according to News Channel 13.

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Vargas has skipped out on multiple court appearances including his sentencing and was last seen in Malta according the Colonie Police Facebook page.  Due to his violent nature, he is NOT to be approached.  Call 911 instead as he is considered dangerous.    Vargas is described as  43, 5’10”, 220 lbs., with brown hair, blue eyes, and tattoos on his neck and arms.  Anyone with information on him may call the Colonie police at 518-783-2744 or they may  remain completely anonymous by contacting  Capital Region Crimestoppers.

The violent attack on officer Brian Curran at the hands of Vargas, led to the 14-year veteran of the force to be hospitalized with several contusions. “Without warning or provocation, (Vargas) attacked Investigator Curran by punching him in the face and wrestling him to the ground,” Colonie Police Lt. Robert Winn said in a statement according to Spotlight News. 

According to the source, “(Vargas) slammed Investigator Curran’s head into the wall and floor of the bus several times before assistance from a back-up officer, and a passing civilian, intervened."

Photo: Colonie Police Facebook
Photo: Colonie Police Facebook

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