In the wake of the 120-year sentence handed down to sex cult psycho Keith Raniere on Tuesday, someone on Albany Reddit dug up a vintage WRBG Channel 6 News clip from the 1980's featuring a :10 second soundbite from the madman while he was in college. The clip has to be nearly 40-years-old and the reporter on the story is veteran local TV news personality Liz Bishop.  Bishop's story about Pac-Man came at a time when the  game had become a world-wide pop culture craze.

Raniere, an RPI college student at the time, appears in the clip as a Pac-Man player who has "mastered" the game.  At the :50 second mark of the :90 second piece, Bishop excitedly introduces Raniere as the "math, physics, biology major" who scored over 2 million points "with a single Pac-Man!"

We didn't know it at the time, but the young, narcissistic, madman-in-the-making was a few decades away from playing a real life version of Pac-Man with people. Years later he would go on to chew up self-confidence like dots and evade any form of responsibility like ghosts.  The corner power pellets that fueled Pac-Man would eventually be replaced by the throngs of people who bought into Raniere's self-righteous garbage,  blowing up his ego, while devaluing their own core beliefs. Raniere devoured people the way Pac-Man devoured ghosts.

In the news piece, the self professed genius (unable to take his eyes off the the game)  tells Bishop he's so good because others are playing it wrong. "A lot of people play it competitively but it's actually like a puzzle," he mansplains to the wide-eyed reporter.

It's Pac-Man a**hole, relax.

What a jerk.

Someone check Ms. Pac-Man's hips, it's likely he's left his marks on her as well.


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