Authorities in Washington County, NY says portions of County Rt. 21 will need significant repairs and will be inoperable for a while after they shared a dramatic photo showing gushing water that split the major roadway in half, destroying the road and damaging portions of a local residence.

Check out the extensive damage seen in the photo that was shared on Monday by the Washington County Dept. of Public Safety.

According to their press release, they say Rt. County 21 in Whitehall will need "significant repairs and will remain closed for approximately one week."

The photo was taken at 12:05 pm on Monday afternoon and shows the roadway wiped away while a river of gushing water rages where asphalt and earth used to be.


Photo: Washington County Dept. of Public Safety
Photo: Washington County Dept. of Public Safety
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According to the information by county officials, County Route 21, Whitehall, is closed between Winters Road and Baker Road after a portion of it was wiped away when a beaver dam broke creating intense, gushing, localized flooding.

Personnel from the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc., New York State Police, Washington County Department of Public Works (DPW), and Washington County, NY - Department of Public Safety responded to the report earlier this morning and are continuing mitigation efforts. Washington County Dept. of Public Safety 

Authorities also say that a local residence incurred some damage as a result of the faulty dam.  While no structural damage was reported, they say that the home's driveway was affected.  According to their report, no one was injured and the home is still habitable.

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