After this huge snowstorm, we just had that dumped as much as 30+ inches in some places around the Capital Region we're all still just trying to dig out of it. However, while you're digging out make sure you don't shovel, plow or snow blow the snow from your driveway into the street. That's illegal in New York.

Last year after the big snowstorm that we had in early December I was snow blowing my driveway and when I got to the end of the driveway I cleared the snow from around my mailbox. In doing so I blew the snow into the street. A plow truck stopped, honked his horn, and told me that what I was doing was illegal and that I could get a ticket for blowing snow on the public road. I sarcastically told him that I would personally separate my snowflakes from the others that were already there and put them back in my yard. He flipped me the bird and drove on.

Well, once I got inside I started to wonder if that was true. Sure enough, I could be ticketed for blowing snow into the street. According to Article 1219 of New York State VTL prohibits plowing, shoveling, or blowing snow into a street or highway. This law also covers other items likely to pose a hazard to motorists, including glass, nails, wire, cans, leaves, and just about anything else you could put in the roadway. Fines for a first offense include up to a $150 fine and/or 15 days in jail, plus applicable surcharges.

Now, the likelihood of a cop just rolling up on you while your blowing snow is very would be way more likely that some neighborhood Karen would call the police and demand that you be arrested for such a heinous crime.

Here's something to think about though for homeowners and business owners. The fine also covers someone that you hired to clear your driveway or lot. If they pile snow up in the're responsible and could get ticketed.

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