According to the New York State DMV:

During the 2021 (distracted driving) campaign, law enforcement throughout the state issued 34,654 tickets for vehicle and traffic law violations, including 1,671 tickets for distracted driving.

The good weather is here and it’s time to get out and enjoy the great parks, bike trails and hiking trails we have in Western New York. If you plan on taking your favorite four legged friends with you, be mindful of their safety and yours.

AAA conducted a survey back in 2011 that found more than half of drivers pet their animals while driving, and 17 percent will put their pet in their lap.

In New York, there is no specific law pertaining to a dog being in the front seat or even on your lap.

But another reminder is also necessary to point out. In New York State, there are laws set up to prevent people from being distracted behind the wheel.

When driving:

Do not use cell phones or text.
Avoid arguments and stressful or emotional conversations with passengers.
Avoid eating while driving.
Be sure children are properly and safely restrained.
Properly secure pets in a pet carrier or portable kennel.

During the summer months, there are so many other things to watch for on the roads. From kids on bicycles to motorcycles, there are so many things to keep an eye on that any other distraction is a major danger. As much as we love our pets, there is a better and safer way to travel with them.

As far as fines, there are specific fines related to distracted driving, specifically for those who use a cell phone while driving.

In New York State, it is a traffic infraction to speak into or listen to a hand-held mobile telephone while driving. For a first offense you could pay a fine up to $200 and receive five license points.

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