Haunted hayrides in the Capital Region are a big deal.  It's a tradition every Fall for people to get together with friends looking to get into the Halloween spirit by getting the living daylights scared out of them. One of the areas top haunted attractions isn't letting the pandemic get them down and and they've recreated their hayride attraction so that it's contactless and controlled, and still (hopefully) as scary and fun as ever.

The Double M Haunted Hayride in Ballston Spa is one of the areas most popular haunted attractions, but they're not letting the pandemic get them down.   In fact, you can argue that the changes made could make the experience more intimate and even scarier than before by removing the hayride from their haunt and adding your car.

The attraction, now known as "Dead End Road" is described this way on their website:

"Dead End Road is a contactless haunted theatrical experience. Remaining in your vehicle in our controlled environment allows for social distancing while still enjoying the laughs, thrills and chills of the Halloween season and snacking on cider and donuts!"

The Double M's Dead End Road will be operating Thursdays through Sundays beginning in October and prices for one car and passenger is $30. It's an additional $15 for every additional passenger in the car.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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