Relief efforts are winding down in the Town of Halfmoon this evening after crews worked tirelessly for hours to help remove a man who was trapped in a trench on Sitterly Road while repairing a water line.

Newschannel 13 reported the story and was there with live coverage on Facebook as a crowd gathered to cheer on the many Saratoga County rescue workers who delicately and strategically got the man out who waste deep in mud for nearly two hours.

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According to the report, the unidentified man was apparently working to repair a water line.

It can be dangerous work, and one of the potentially deadly hazards of the job can come as a result of unstable dirt combined with fast rising water.

While details of this particular incident - incuding any possible injuries -  have yet to be released, it's a relief to know that the man had been safely removed at around 8:20 PM and tended to by medical doctors.

Sidewinder Photography reported that the incident took place at 41 Sitterly Road in Halfmoon and they say 7 different rescue crews were on hand to assist the man trapped in the 6 foot trench filled with a substantial amount of water.

Back in February in New Jersey, a construction worker was killed doing this type of work when he too became trapped in a trench repairing a water main line.

According to ABC7NY, the body of a 35-year-old man was removed from the trench at a New Jersey Plaza after he was buried for hours up to his chest in dirt, mud, and debris.

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