I must have watched this one minute clip at least a 30 times - and perhaps there's an underworld inferno waiting for more somewhere -  but I cannot stop laughing at this. When I was a kid, our family spent many summers on this very boardwalk, riding rides at this very pier.  In fact, I was just there a few weeks ago.  So for me, this one really smacks.

Two girls were on the "Sling Shot" ride in Wildwood, New Jersey's Morey's Pier recently when moments after takeoff, one of the girls is slapped right in the face by a moment she'll never forget.

It's hard to tell if her initial reaction of sheer panic is due to the thrusting force of the ride, or if it's because she had .2 seconds to process the fact that she was right in line with a SEAGULL that was headed toward her dome.

According to a report from Newschannel 13, Kiley Holman and her friend Georgia Reed were on the ride known as the Sling Shot when it happened.  The Sling Shot is pretty popular on the Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk.   It's basically a a reverse bungee that shoots you up, rather than dropping you down.

Moments after liftoff, the gull slams into the side of Kiley's face causing even more confusion for the young girl who is already at full scale "about to crap my shorts" phase.  A split second later, it's even more terror when she realizes that she was cloaked in a full-on seagull hug.

The centrifugal force of the barrelling bird made it practically stick to the side of her neck.  She moves her head ever so slightly, and appears to breath in the body of the seagull, perhaps tasting its salty embrace.

At this point, RIP Brian, this is where I would have died.

But Kiley, somewhat casually, reaches over and grabs the bird,  tossing it to the side like she was disposing a napkin.  The bird is able to regain flight and appears to be headed back to the beach searching for more Doritos while Kiley screams bloody murder.

Ahhh, those summer memories.

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