Remember back in March and April when the shelves in grocery stores were absolutely empty of staples like toilet paper, paper towels, and any kind of cleaning product you could get your hands on?

I remember going to the Hannaford in Averill Park and standing in the aisle just dumbfounded at the empty shelves. Everything from soups, pasta, canned goods, chicken, ground beef, and pretty much every paper product in the store was gone. I still laugh at the mental image of someone using a paper plate to take care of the bathroom paperwork....not a pretty sight, but I bet it happened.

Now experts are warning that there could be another rush on goods again as it seems like coronavirus numbers are on the rise in the United States. However, this time retailers and grocers are more prepared.

According to the article from ABC7NY food manufacturers are making significant increases in production to make sure they have products on the shelves in case we get another rush. Campbell Soup is spending $40 million to increase production and General Mills has added 45 production lines to boost production numbers.

Other companies are actually reducing the production of some items to increase the production of something different. For example, you might not see all the different kinds of Oreo cookies on the shelf, but one of Nabisco's other brands like Ritz Crackers might be in full supply.

I just hope that if we do get another wave of stockpiling and empty shelves people will think of each other and leave some for everyone. Nobody needs 10,000 rolls of toilet paper....come on share a roll or two.

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