What exactly was that tremendously loud boom heard throughout parts of the Capital Region on Monday night? It's a mystery to the thousands of people who heard it, and local authorities are asking anyone with information to help out the Fulton County, Washington County and Saratoga County Sheriffs.

The loud boom heard on Monday night, according to News 10 ABC, was such a powerful explosion that it rattled houses.

A Facebook comment on the Fulton County Sheriff's page from a woman named Peggy Trzaskos claimed that, "There were witnesses who saw an explosion with rocks & debris flying and smoke."

So what exactly was it? Some are speculating that the boisterous boom was the sound of tannerite which is a type of explosive used for firearms while other are speculating something completely different.

Back in 2019, a similar perplexing event happened that was investigated by the Saratoga County Sheriff's who determined that "most likely cause of the event was a meteor entering the atmosphere and burning up."

But locals aren't buying the meteorite theory as one comment on the Fulton County Sheriff's page claims to have heard otherwise. Mark Snyder commented that he in fact "was told" that it was 50 pounds of tannerite which if true, certainly would set off quite the explosion.

As of now, there haven't been any injuries or damage reported.


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