Are you a restaurant worker who is currently having a hard time finding food for yourself? Feed Albany and the Regional Food Bank want to help!

Feed Albany and the Regional Food Bank have teamed up with the Lark Street Business Improvement District, the Downtown Albany BID and the Central BID to make sure that unemployed restaurant workers are being fed during this pandemic.

They will update their website each week with the distribution sites and times. This week there were two times, one of which was Monday and the other is tomorrow (Wednesday).

If you are hungry, visit the Savoy Taproom tomorrow from 3:00pm-5:00pm where Feed Albany and the Regional Food Bank will be providing not only packaged meals but also a bag of food items. They will provide up to three free meals. Some restaurants have already coordinated pick-ups with Feed Albany for their own employees. Before you pick up the food yourself, check-in with your restaurant to make sure they haven't already gotten it for you. For example, "3 Fish, Bombers, Cafe Cappricio, Cafe Hollywood, Cider Belly, El Loco, El Mariachi, Lark Tavern, LAX, Lionheart, Pint Sized, Savoy Taproom, Susies" will be distributing food directly to their employees.

For full guidelines on how to qualify and the identification to bring as well as updated sites and times, keep an eye on the Feed Albany website.

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