With Veteran's Day coming up tomorrow, let's take a look back at some of New York's finest.

Yes, I am talking about athletes, but specifically, I'm referring to the athletes who served their country before, after, or especially during their professional sports careers.

Everyone in the state of New York, and the country, should be forever grateful for the sacrifices that every man and woman in uniform make in order to protect our nation, and the sports figures who served are no exception to that rule.

Even the most successful athletes at the time, players like Joe DiMaggio, were drafted or enlisted themselves and fought for the United States, and made a number of fans for life because of it. A number of articles, including this one from Yardbarker, chronicled the careers of some of the most notable names.

Here are some of New York's pro athletes who served our country, as we remember all who served on Veteran's Day.

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