The Capital Region is preparing for the first snow of the season tonight. The National Weather Service office out of Albany has officially issued a moderate Winter Weather Advisories from 6p until 10a tomorrow morning. The NWS promises "plowable snowfall."

The Capital Region is looking at 1-4" across most of the district. Areas to our east, north, and west could be looking at a half foot of snow or possibly more.

The NWS has also released a map showing the percent chance that Capital Region counties and cities will get higher amounts of snow. Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls are essentially sitting at a coin flip away from getting 2" or more. Odds of that happening in Albany or Troy are much lower.

As temperatures warm up slightly throughout the day, snow will turn into rain that should wash away a good deal of the snow on the ground. Be careful overnight, as temperatures after dark could cause some refreezing.

It will be a slick, hazardous commute even in the Upstate areas not receiving as much snow accumulation because of a Wintry Mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. New York state road crews have been at work today. They're prepping roadways with a brine and salt base layer to stave off ice and freezing.

Even if this isn't a large snowfall, now is the perfect chance to check your vehicle's battery, fluids, and tires, put your winter weather kit in the trunk, and make sure your ice scraper and brush are ready to go for the morning. For winter weather updates, download our station app.

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