If you are a grocery store worker, first and foremost, thank you for being on the frontline and keeping the Capital Region fed. Without your dedication to a sometimes thankless job is more than essential during this coronavirus pandemic.

If you're a grocery store worker, pharmacists or other front line workers you are eligible for free coronavirus antibodies testing. The Walk-in testing is available at UAlbany on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  The free anti-body testing is at the University at Albany's SEFCU Arena at 1400 Washington Avenue. You should enter through Western Avenue and wear a mask.

There are eight antibodies testing sites throughout the state. Governor Cuomo said that the antibody is an important baseline to figure out the true numbers of coronavirus cases throughout the state.  By creating this antibody baseline experts can track the rate of infection, cases of individuals being reinfected, and the understanding of COVID19 in general.

The coronavirus antibodies test is pretty easy, blood is collected by a finger prick, and then the sample is sent to a lab for testing. Results are usually known in seven to ten days.

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