There's a growing herd of very rare, white deer that are not only surviving in Upstate New York, but they're flourishing as well.  It defies all laws of nature, considering that these majestic-looking creatures could be an easy meal for hungry predators. In fact, it is believed that nearly half of the world's population of these cool-looking critters are living in Upstate New York.

While these white deer may be beautiful to look at, they're saddled with a  disadvantage than other deer who have a more traditional, brownish color.

Their bright white coats make it difficult to hide, and since they travel in herds, one would think they'd be gone by now, but instead, Upstate NY has the largest population of white deer anywhere in the world.

Where are they?

These deer are indigenous to Seneca, NY about 3 hours west of Albany.  Situated between Syracuse and Rochester, while they may roam a bit, they pretty much stay in one area.  The Seneca white deer live within the confines of the former Seneca Army Depot in Seneca County, New York.

Contrary to belief, they are not albino deer.  These deer possess a dominant gene that is passed from generation to generation that keeps their coat very white.

It is believed that in the 1950s. GI's on the Army base were instructed to NOT shoot the white deer, and as a result, they've grown in population.  Sources say that of the 700 in the world, 300 of them are in Seneca Falls.

300 of these Majestic White Deer Live in Upstate NY!


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