This week, New Yorkers will get to see bowling alleys re-open and guidelines released about the possible re-opening of fitness centers.

Little by little, New York is (kind of) starting to go back to normal.  Sure, travel is restricted, there's no big concerns, businesses remain closed.  But, there is at least things like patio dining, social distanced tables, barber shops and hair salons available.

The next thing up?  Bowling alleys.  According to what I read at, bowling alleys are going to be allowed to open starting Monday, at 50% capacity.  Also on Monday?  Governor Cuomo is going to be talking about the guidelines for gyms to reopen.

There's not a date that I've seen yet for gyms to reopen, but just guidelines that are going to be outlined by Cuomo tomorrow.  Honestly to me it's frustrating that it's taken so long.  His move to close gyms hasn't just impacted large establishments, but also smaller private gyms at apartment complexes and more.  We've been fortunate in New York that it is summer time and outdoor activities exist, but I can only image how cooped up things are going to feel come the cold weather (because, who knows if ski mountains can safely open).  Let's hope that something about these guidelines makes sense.

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