Wine, cider, and beer ice creams are already allowed in New York.  But now?  Well, hard liquor got the approval as well.

Governor Cuomo approved the inclusion of hard liquor in ice cream recently.  So instead of just a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, or a lager drink, you can enjoy 'em all in your sweet treat.

According to, the ice cream must be 5% alcohol or less, so it's not over the same amount as the wine or beer ice cream.  Which is reasonable, 5% is the amount you get in an alcoholic seltzer or so.  And really, who want's to have just one cone be stumbling around.

Some locations have already been planning, and coming up with concoctions like maple bourbon ice cream, fireball flavored ice cream, and more.  I have to admit, years ago when I was living out of state, I actually had a bourbon bacon ice cream that was ridiculously good.  So here's something else for you to enjoy this summer! You can read more about it here.

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