Right now, all is quiet in the forest and wooded areas of the Capital Region.

Aside from coyote hunting, and the upcoming spring turkey season, the 2021-22 hunting season in New York has come to a close. From early fall through early spring, hunters and trappers in the Capital Region have donned their camouflaged gear, and taken to the hills and streams of the incredible wooded areas we have in this area.

Unsplash / Fredrik Öhlander
Unsplash / Fredrik Öhlander

As the hunting community resets for next season, naturally, a new crop of nature-lovers will want to get in on the action, and we can tell you how you can do that.

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Everywhere in Albany County to Get a Hunting, Fishing and Trapping License

In total, there are 22 locations that the State of New York's website recognizes as Active Sporting License Issuing Agents in Albany County. The list that the state provides is described as the following:

"The name, mailing address and telephone number for the retail establishments and municipalities that sell hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses and associated privileges and permits." - NY.gov

With that said, here are the locations where you can get a license for the 2022-23 hunting, fishing and trapping seasons.

attachment-ALbany County Hunting Licenses

As you can see, the majority of the issuing agents are cities and towns within the county. That being said, there are also retail establishments (Dick's Sporting Goods, etc.) where you can also get your license. While you're there, you can even stock up on gear!

Hunting Season Details in New York State

During the 2021-22 season, hunting hours were defined as 30 minutes before sunrise, to 30 minutes after sunset, according to the New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

Unsplash / Andrew Coop
Unsplash / Andrew Coop

For hunters in the Capital Region, early deer bowhunting season opened on October 1 of 2021, and regular deer hunting season opened on November 20th. Fall turkey hunting season opened on October 16th, and ran through the 29th, with the spring turkey season running during the month of May.

One would likely predict similar opening and closing days in 2022, with Saturday, November 19th a likely target date for the beginning of "regular" deer hunting season.

New York DEC New Rules For Deer and Bear Hunting

As you prepare for the fall deer and bear hunting season, you need to be aware of these new rules just adopted by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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