In today's press conference Governor Cuomo announced that high school sports that are considered "low risk" can resume September 21st.

That means that "low risk" sports like soccer, tennis, cross-country track, field hockey, and swimming can start practicing and playing as early as Monday, Sept. 21. Sports that are considered "higher risk" like football, wrestling, ice hockey, and other contact sports can have practice, but no competitive games.

In addition, Governor Cuomo said that teams that are allowed to compete after Sept. 21 will not be allowed to travel to compete or practice outside the school’s region or counties until. Oct. 19.

Apparently, this announcement came after it was found out that some teams had traveled during the summer to out of state for tournaments. That was an apparent violation of regulations that banned travel tournaments.

I would expect that the New York High School Public High School Athletic Association to have some opinion on this announcement. It seems to me that some sports like ice hockey and football are very similar in contact, but one is allowed and another isn't. I expect parents and schools to push back on this announcement.

I know if my child was a high school athlete that was trying to get a college scholarship I'd be pretty ticked off by some sports being allowed and some not.

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