Obviously, 2020 has been a very strange year, but it has been a record year for rescues for the Department of Conservation New York Forest Rangers. With almost two months to go in the year, Forest Rangers have made more than 400 rescues mostly in the Easter hiHigh Peaks, the Adirondack, and Catskill mountains. A typical year usually sees around 300 to 350 rescues according to the article in NYUP.

Now, I like to go hiking and off-roading in my Jeep. One of my biggest fears going into the wilderness has always been, "What if I break a leg or somehow get trapped somewhere and I need to be rescued?" As you can imagine, watching the movie "127 Hours" with James Franco really freaked me out. The idea that one little freak accident could end your life is a bit haunting.

So what about the local story of the hunter that was rescued by the brave men and woman of the DEC New York Forest Rangers?

According to NYUP, the incident happened on October 26th on a ski trail near Gore Mountain. Three Forest Rangers sent on the search and rescue mission and found the 31-year-old hunter trapped under a boulder. They freed that man and then performed first aid on his badly broken leg. It sounded like his leg was pretty mangled with deep cuts and compound fractures.

Forest Rangers and members of the North River Fire Department carried the injured hunter down the mountain and got him to the hospital for further medical treatment.

Awesome job by our first responders.

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