The Capital Region has proven once again that when times get tough, when someone is struggling or when a community is in need, we pull together.  There is no greater example of this than the outpouring of love and support for injured K9 Sergeant Joe Iachetta of the Albany County Sheriff's Office.

The 30-year-old husband and father (with another baby due in about a month) was severely injured on Monday morning when his car collided with a tractor-trailer, causing his vehicle to become pinned underneath.

For 32 grueling minutes, he and his K9 Rice were trapped.  EMT's were eventually able to extricate him from the car and rush him the hospital for emergency surgeries.  Miraculously,  his trusty companion was unharmed.  On Tuesday, we learned that it was the K9's cage that prevented the tractor-trailer from completely demolishing his car, and worse for the occupants inside.

Sheriff Craig Apple told GNA, "once the dog cage caught the trailer, it pretty much stopped in place." Apple went on to say, "the entire roof would have continued to sheer off, and God knows what would have happened."

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Apple told us that he can't say exactly what Iachetta's prognosis is, but on Tuesday morning he was cautiously optimistic telling us us that the road to recovery is a long one. "Everything from his shoulders down appear to be in good shape, but a lot of the damage was suffered up in his head."

The outpouring of love and support by the community has been tremendous.

A friend of the family created a Go Fund Me on Monday morning and as of this afternoon it had nearly $105,000 dollars generously donated to the family.

MovinAds Marketing and Signs, a Clifton Park marketing and sign business is giving away free bumper stickers as a show of solitude and support for Iachetta and his family.   The bumper sticker reads "Iachetta Strong- You Got This Joe."

On their facebook page they wrote:

"MovinAds is giving away bumper stickers in honor of Joe and to spread awareness of someone who helped support his community and is now in need of support in return. For anyone who would like one they can be picked up at our shop or arrangements can be made."

Photo: MovinAds Marketing and Signs Facebook
Photo: MovinAds Marketing and Signs Facebook

Andrea Hancock, a dispatcher for the Albany County Sheriff's Office is selling these beautiful, handmade bracelets with the same "Iachetta Strong -We Got Your Back" message and an image of Joe's K9 sidekick, Rice. The bracelets, made by Shari Silverman Voce is someone I know personally and her bracelets - many of which she gives away to charity - always carry a powerful meaning and message.

All of the money raised through bracelet sales will go directly to the Iachetta family.  If you'd like to purchase one, click here.

Iachetta Strong Bracelet

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