Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture has always spoken to me. The simple lines, the geometric patterns, and the building materials of natural stone, wood, metal, and glass are calming and beautiful to me.

I lived in South Carolina for two years and there was a small Frank Lloyd Wright house around the corner from my house. I was always driving past it and absolutely fell in love with the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style.

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This amazing New York island house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is actually two houses, built almost 60 years apart. The original cottage was designed and built-in 1949. It was supposed to be over 5,000 square feet, but the owner ran out of funds so a 1,200 square foot cottage was finished instead. Then in 1995 it was bought and added on to using original Frank Lloyd Wright plans for the house. The house is on Lake Mahopac and is for sale right now for $9.9 million. 

Interestingly, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has refused to recognize the 8,415-square-foot home as an authentic Wright design even though it was built using his original designers. Really, who cares, because it's absolutely stunning.

Inside Frank Lloyd Wright's New York Island Masterpiece

This New York island masterpiece is for sale on Lake Mahopac for $9.9 million.

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The New York Octagon House


Inside The Old Central Warehouse


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