With the holidays coming up, it’s a time of year that makes many focus on their health. Christmas and Thanksgiving are both very food and treat heavy seasons, and many carry anxiety about their weight heading into the New Year. The top four New Years Resolutions for last year were exercise/improving fitness, losing weight, saving money, and improving diet.

Now WalletHub has compiled a list of the most and least obese states in America in 2022. So which way do you think that New York hits the scale?

Not To Scale

Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza

Either way could make sense. New York is the state of Buffalo Wings, Coney Island hot dogs, and New York pizza. We’re also a state of beautiful Adirondack hikes, great parks, and condensed cities that promote walking.

WalletHub looked at all 50 states based on the prevalence of obesity and overweight citizens, health consequences like high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes, plus food and fitness. And no matter the score, don’t blame COVID!


WebMD reports that the University of Pittsburgh has been conducting a long-term study on gaining weight. The average weight gain from January 2018 to March 2020 was .4 pounds; from March 2020 to November 2021 the average was only .48 lbs.

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So where does New York weigh in against the rest of the country?


Here are the US’s five most overweight states:

5. Alabama
4. Arkansas
3. Kentucky
2. Mississippi
1. West Virginia

Here are America’s five fittest states:

5. Minnesota
4. Hawaii
3. Massachusetts
2. Utah
1. Colorado

New York finished just outside the top 5 fittest states – coming in 7th. With a first place ranking being the least healthy, the Empire State was 38th overall in health consequences, and 27th in food and fitness (because who can resist wings?). Way to go keeping those New Years Resolutions!

Source: WalletHub

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