So, what do you think? Is this a shark swimming down the Hudson River between Hudson and Athans?

Some people are screaming "SHARK!" like it's the next JAWS movie..."JAWS: The Hudson River Revenge", I kinda like the sound of that. Others are saying it's a Sturgeon or something else floating on the water that kinda looks like a fin.

Local fisherman James Gabriel took the video while fishing Friday morning, September 11th. Hudson Police Chief L. Edward Moore was shown the video and jokingly said, "I'm going to have to close the beaches." A reference to Chief Brody in the movie Jaws.

According to Hudson Valley 360, Erica Tingewald from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation said that a dorsal fin gliding at the surface would indicate a possible shark, but it looks very small and without additional information, most likely a smooth dogfish.”

Others think that it's a bull shark. They have been known to swim up rivers and can live in brackish or even freshwater.  They have been found in the Mississippi River, The Ohio River, and The Hudson River in the past.


There's a big difference between a dogfish shark and a bull shark. A dogfish is a bottom dweller that isn't dangerous to humans at all. While a bull shark is one of the most aggressive sharks along with the great white and tiger sharks. So, if it was a bull shark spotted Friday morning it is cause for concern.

As of right now, nobody is ready to call in Captain Quint to catch the shark....and that's a good thing because he was eaten by Jaws. Maybe Matt Hooper is available.

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