Although the big game (and all the fanfare and drama associated with it) is behind us, we're still living off the high of some local Hudson Valley connections.

Did you happen to catch one of the Hudson Valley's own in one of the big game commercials with the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales as they made their 46th Super Bowl ad appearance?

There's another Hudson Valley connection to Super Bowl commercials this year, and this one you didn't see during the game on screen.

Google Maps, Marist College
Google Maps, Marist College
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USA Today Invites Marist Students To Evaluate Big Game Commercials

In what's been referenced as a 'first-time collaboration' with USA Today, Marist College students were invited to participate in quite a prestigious honor, by evaluating and selecting their most and least preferred commercials during the big game.

The evaluations, run by Ad Meter, which is a national news outlet, have already begun popping up in USA Today following Sunday's game.

It's an initiative that presents a unique opportunity for students to contribute their voice to the initiative. Many of them are pursuing a path in marketing or sports communication at Marist, though not all.

A Marist professor of Sports Media shared that this is a great opportunity for all interested students, calling it a 'natural fit and opportunity' given the fact that they spend a lot of time discussing the game and advertisements in class.


Dr. Muzi Liu, an Assistant Professor of Marketing shared that it's a 'unique chance to see how these ads impact viewers when watched outside versus during the excitement of the big game.'

Marist Students Share Excitement Super Bowl Commercial Involvement

In sharing the news about their student involvement with Ad Meter, Marist indicated that some of their students would be able 'to watch those famous ads with a critical eye, each commanding an average of $7 million for a 30-second slot on CBS.'

The students participating were able to take in the advertisements ahead of the big game.


One of the participants echoed many of our thoughts when it comes to the Super Bowl, that the commercials are the best part, and she was 'thrilled to get to view Super Bowl ads early' while another indicated that she was 'excited to preview the Super Bowl commercials ahead of game day and hear different opinions from peers during the viewing event.'

Even though we all weren't lucky enough to be asked to be a part of the evaluation process, did you have a favorite commercial from the big game?

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